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8 Major Causes of Biodiversity|Why is Biodiversity important|22 May International Day of Biological Biodiversity

8 Major Causes of Biodiversity|Why is Biodiversity important|22 May International Day of Biological Biodiversity

·         Habitat Loss and Fragmentation:
·         Over-exploitation for Commercialization:
·         Invasive Species:
·         Pollution:
·         Global Climate Change:
·         Population Growth and Over-consumption:
·         Illegal Wildlife Trade:
·         Species extinction
       These are the 8 Major causes of Biodiversity

Why is Biodiversity important

Biodiversity has a number of functions on the Earth. These are as follows:
·         Maintaining balance of the ecosystem: Recycling and storage of nutrients, combating pollution, and stabilizing climate, protecting water resources, forming and protecting soil and maintaining eco-balance.
·         Provision of biological resources: Provision of medicines and pharmaceuticals, food for the human population and animals, ornamental plants, wood products, breeding stock and diversity of species, ecosystems and genes.
·         Social benefits: Recreation and tourism, cultural value and education and research.

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Jio 4G Recharge Everything About Jio Post Paid Plan 199

Jio 4G Recharge Everything About Jio Post Paid Plan 199

MRP is only Rs 199
Total Data 25GB then after Rs.20 Per 1GB
Voice Calling Free
SMS Unlimited

Few Terms and Conditions of JIO Post Paid of 199
1. The monthly rental/ minimum billing amount is exclusive of applicable taxes. 2. The unutilized benefits will be forfeited at the end of bill cycle. 3. In case of non-payment of the monthly dues, RJIL reserves the rights to provide the plan benefits in a curtailed manner at its own discretion during the grace period of up to 30 days. 4. The security deposit needs to be deposited in advance and it will become refundable (in case of service termination and after clearing all dues) only on payment of the first monthly bill. 5. The Post-paid tariff plans can be availed only by customers possessing an LTE compatible device. 6. In case of non-usage (no voice/ video call (outgoing or incoming), outgoing SMS, a data session (upload or download), usage of Value Added Services or payment of monthly rental) for a continuous period of 90 days or more, the services to the mobile number will be deactivated at the discretion of RJIL. The subscriber can opt for the safe custody scheme in case of continued non-usage of a mobile number by paying Rs 150 for every three months or part thereof. 7. Data charges will be applicable for both incoming and outgoing video calls. 8. This Plan is intended only for personal use of included services. RJIL reserves the right to discontinue the free Voice benefits offered as part of this Plan in case of misuse/ fraudulent use/ unauthorised telemarketing and commercial use. 9. The voice/SMS benefits under the Plan cannot be used for outgoing calls/SMS to premium numbers, IN numbers, international numbers and other chargeable shortcodes; the subscriber will be charged applicable tariffs for the same. 10. In Jammu and Kashmir service area these post-paid plans are available only on Rs. 250/- advance rental basis and no security deposit will be applicable. 11. This plan is available only for Jio Prime subscribers.

Jio 4G Recharge Everything About Jio Post Paid Plan 199

Jio 4G Recharge Everything About Jio Post Paid Plan 199
Jio 4G Recharge Everything About Jio Post Paid Plan 199

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Exercise and diabetes| How to cure body sugar level by doing everyday workout|7 exercise and habits to cure diabetes

Exercise and diabetes| How to cure body sugar level by doing everyday workout|7 exercise and habits to cure diabetes

 Today I am going to tell you about the most common problem faced by millions of people around the world. Diabetes is the most common problem people are facing in today’s busy world. 
What I find in my point of view is that…….
1.       Because of unhealthy routine of people which leads in Diabetes.
2.       In today’s world people don’t have much time to cure about themselves.
3.       Pressure and stress are also the main causes of raising the risk of Diabetes.
Today I am going to share you my personal experience which can help you to fight against the Diabetes.
After I finished my college, I joined in a Public sector company as a manager, my routine was not so healthy as I was residing alone and don’t have much time to cook good food in time and eat healthy food. I even didn’t get any time to exercise, which leads in diabetes.
After I diagnosed with diabetes, I decided to fight against this diseases. So I make the habit of eating healthy food do regular exercise, maintain my diet plan.
When I changed my habits Sugar level in my body decreases and I was able to control my Diabetes.

Exercise to cure Diabetes

1.       Wake up in the morning without being lazy
2.       Go out and start with few kilometers of jogging
3.       After few days of jogging, start running few kilometers
4.       When you complete your running, do workouts for half an hour
5.       Make this as a habit of doing exercise in regular basis
6.       You have to regular exercise in daily basis
7.       If you didn’t get the time in morning time, do it  during evening
Consult with your doctors if your are having a very high level
If you follow these steps I am sure you will definitely fight against the diabetes.

Harmful effect of diabetes
In many cases I have seen that there is very hard and painful effects people have to face.
You can become blind
Even it leads to deaf
I have seen many people who is now total blind and deaf just because of Diabetes. You should diagnose in early stage and start the exercise in above mention manner, but if you are having very high level you should consult with your doctors. And always obey the advice the doctors.

When you have very high level of diabetes doctors will advice to use Insulin which is useful, beside that you have continue your exercise to decline in diabetes level in your body.

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Depression and Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Depression and Anxiety Disorder Symptoms 

Depression leads to suicidal thinking

Whereas in Anxiety 

  1. People don't tend to suicide, there always a feeling of fear that something is going wrong.
  2. Sudden shoots in Blood Pressure and increases heartbeat.
  3. Anxiety last for one week to one month
  4. Anxiety can be caused due to lack of Vit B12
  5. It is a very common problem in today's society

When people suffer from Anxiety they always worried about something, Many questions come in their mind like why that person looks at me, Why he looking at me in a very doubtful way, did I said something wrong about him.

Whereas in depression always comes the feeling of negligence, people start feeling nobody loves me anymore 

Let me give you one good example so that you can understand easily
     Suppose you got admission in new college and you always wondering about, how new college will be,
are the students are good, how they will treat you, will they will be your friends, How teachers would be
All these things turn into Anxiety and you will not be able to eat food and your sleep will be lost.

These are the few common symptoms of Anxiety

  1. A feeling of overwhelming fear                                                        
  2. The feeling of going crazy or losing control
  3. Feeling you are in grave danger
  4. Feeling you might pass out
  5. A surge of doom and gloom
  6. An urgency to escape
  7. Dizziness
  8. Heart Palpitations
  9. Trembling
  10. Sweating
  11. Shortness of breath
  12. Chest pressure or pain

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ICSE today i.e 14th May 2018 released the results for class 10 across the country.

As for the Official Website of ICSE, a passing percentage are as follows:

  1. 98.51% pass percentage in ICSE 2018
  2. 96.21% pass percentage in ISC 2018
  3. 61 Subject Offered in ICSE 2018
  4. 48 Subject Offered in ISC 2018
  5. 98,517 Boys Pass in ICSE 2018
  6. 40,883 Boys Pass in ISC 2018
  7. The total number of candidates who appeared for the ICSE Examination is 1,83,387
  8. The total number of candidates who appeared for the ISC Examination is 80,880
  9. Number of Boys who appeared for the ICSE Examination is 1,00,369
  10. Number of Boys who appeared for the ISC Examination is 43,052
  11. Number of Girls who appeared for the ICSE Examination is 83,018
  12. Number of Girls who appeared for the ISC Examination is 37,828
  13. Number of Girls passed in ICSE is 82,146
  14. Number of Girls passed in ISC is 36,933

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Download cbse ncert political science class 12 complete notes in english chapter wise

Download cbse ncert political science class 12 complete notes in english chapter wise

          The Cold War Era

Cuban Missile Crises:
        The Cuban Missile Crises of October 1962 was a direct and dangerous confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union (USSR) during the cold war and was the moment when the two Superpowers came closest to nuclear conflicts
It started when the USSR thought that the USA would capture Cuba which was the ally as the supporter of USSR and overthrow the Fidel Castro, the president. Cuba was the supporter of Soviet Union (USSR) and it used to receive both diplomatic and financial aid from USSR. At that time Nikita Khrushchev was the leader of the Soviet Union. In 1962 he seceded to place the nuclear missile in Cuba.
After three weeks America came to know about it. America wanted the Soviet Union to remove that Missile from Cuba. The US president Kennedy ordered the American militants to stop any Soviet ships which were heading to Cuba. There was almost a clash between the powers US & USSR. The whole world was nervous as the war was going to start between the two superpowers US & USSR. But to the world’s great relief both sides decided to avoid war. The Soviet ships returned back.

What is cold war?
           The cold war is the name given to the relationship that developed primarily between the USA and the USSR after World War 2. The cold war was not only the matter of power rivalries of military alliances and of the balance of power but it was also accompanied by a real ideology of liberal democracy and capitalism while the USSR was committed to the ideology of socialism and communism. The US, USSR, Britain and France defeated the Axis powers led by Germany, Italy and Japan and this was the end of Second World War. The world war ended when the United States dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 causing Japan to surrender and this end of Second World War was the beginning of the Cold War.

Why did the critics think that the US decision to drop the bombs in cities of Japan was unnecessary?
       It was because Japan was about to surrender. They also thought that the US actually wanted to stop the Soviet Union from making military and political gains in Asia and to show Moscow that the US was supreme and powerful.

The emergence of two superpowers after the World War 2
   After the second the second world war with the defeat of Germany and Japan, the devastation of Europe and in many other parts of the world, the US and USSR emerged as the greatest powers in the world.

The reason behind the outcome of Cold War
1.       It is believed that Cold war was an outcome of the emergence of the US and USSR as two superpower rival to each other
2.       The Second Reason is that they thought the destruction caused by the use of atomic bombs is too costly for any country to bear.

How does the cold war manage to ensure human survival
    Cold War manages to bring the deterrence relationships between the two superpowers. The war only brings the destruction and loss of human lives. Cold War does not lead to a Hot War. The cold war is just the Cold relationship between the two powers.

The emergence of two Power Blocs
What was the condition of the smaller states at the time of the emergence of two Super Blocs?
         The smaller States in the alliances used the link to the Super Powers for their own Purposes. They got the protection, weapons, and economic aids against their local rivals.

Where and how was the first division of the World started by the two Super Powers?
       The division happened first in Europe. Most countries of Western Europe side the US and those of Eastern joined the USSR, so they were called as the Western and the Eastern alliances.

       It came into existence in April 1949. It was formed by the Western Alliance US. It was an association of 12 states which declared that armed attack on any one of them in Europe and North America would be regarded as an attack on all of them. Each state would be obliged to help each other.

Warsaw Pact
    It was led by the Soviet Union. It was created in 1955 and its principal function was to counter NATO’s forces in Europe.

NAM (Non-Aligned Movement)
      The Non-Aligned Movement was formed during the Cold War as an organization of states that did not formally align themselves with either the US or the USSR. The main aim was to remain independent or neutral.

The influence of Soviet Union (USSR) in Eastern Europe

       The Soviet Union used its influence in Eastern Europe backed by the very large presence of its armies in the Eastern half of region to ensure that the eastern half of Europe remained within its sphere of influence.

Why the superpower did always need the allies countries
      Because the smaller states were helpful in gaining access to.
1.       Vital resources such as oil and minerals
2.       Territory from where the superpowers could launch their weapons and troops
3.       Locations from where they could spy on each other and
4.       Economics support from that many small allies together could help pay for military expenses

Arenas of the Cold War
      Arenas of the Cold War refer to areas where crises and war occurred or threatened to occur between the alliances systems but did not cross their limits.

Role of Non-Aligned Countries in reducing Cold War conflicts
    Jawaharlal Nehru one of the key leaders of the NAM played a crucial role in mediating between the two powers, other member countries of NAM also played an active role to reduce the conflicts between the two superpowers

What were the three significant agreements signed by the two superpowers for arm control
1.       Test Ban Treaty
2.       Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
3.       Anti Ballistic Missile Treaty

India and the Cold War
     India’s policy to these superpowers was neither negative nor positive. India always tried to reduce the differences between the two superpowers


          The End OF Bipolarity

Features of Soviet System
a)      The Soviet System was very bureaucratic and authoritarian
b)      Under the Soviet System, there was lack of democracy and the absence of freedom of speech
c)       They had a very tight control over all institution and was unaccountable to the people
d)      Russia being a large country dominated everything

What was the Soviet System?
       The Soviet System gave privacy to the state and the institution of the party. This system centred on the communist party and no other political party was allowed. The economy was planned and controlled by the state.

How was the Soviet Economy?
       The Soviet economy was very developed than any of the country except for the US. The Soviet economy had a complex communication network, vast energy resources including oil, iron and steel, machinery production and a transport sector that connected the remotest areas. It had an industry that produced everything from pins to cars. Soviet ensured a minimum standard of living for all citizens. There was no unemployment.

What were the factors that forced Gorbachev to initiate the reforms in the USSR?
         Gorbachev was forced to initiate the reforms in the USSR due to following reasons:
a)      To keep the USSR abreast of information and technology revolutions as in West.
b)      To normalise the relations with the west
c)       To democratise the Soviet system
d)      To loosen the administrative system which exempted ordinary people from the privileges


What changes occurred after Boris Veltsin opposed the coup and emerged as a national hero?
a)      Power began to shift from the Soviet centre to the republics.
b)      The Central Asian republics did not ask for independence and wanted to remain with the USSR.
c)       In December 1991, under the leadership of Veltsin, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus three major republics of the USSR declared that the Soviet Union was disbanded.
d)      The Communist party of the Soviet Union was banned and Capitalism and Democracy were adopted

Who were the members of a Commonwealth of Independent States?
           It included Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. (Georgia joined later in 1993)

Why did the Soviet Union (USSR) disintegrate?
               There was no unity among themselves.

1)      There was an economic stagnation for many years which led to severe consumer’s shortages. So people started to doubt a system.
2)      All the money was used to maintain a nuclear and military arsenal and the development of its satellite states in Eastern Europe.
3)      People started comparing the Soviet system with the advanced system of West and they realised how backward the Soviet system was.

1)      The Soviet Union had become stagnant in an administrative and political sense. People started disliking the Communist Party. People were fed up by the slow administration, corruption and also with the mistakes of the system. Bureaucrats were gaining more power than the ordinary people.
2)      People felt that Gorbachev was moving too slow in his system. Gorbachev lost support on all sides and finally, the USSR Collapsed.

The rise of Nationalism and the desire for Sovereignty within various Republics, now people wanted a democratic country.

          Consequences of Disintegration

1)      The disintegration of the USSR meant the end of Cold War. The dispute about the Socialist system and Capitalist system was not an issue anymore.
2)      The Superpowers had triggered a massive arms race and nuclear weapons. This disintegration brought an end to this arms race and there was a way for possible new peace.
3)      There was a change of powers relations from Socialism and Communism to Capitalism.
4)      The end of USSR meant the emergence of many new countries.
5)      The end of Cold War left open only two possibilities either the remaining superpowers would create a Uni-polar system or different countries would join and became important players in the world

The US became the superpower. Capitalist economy was the dominant economic system everywhere. World Bank and IMF became powerful advisers to all the countries and gave them loans for converting into Capitalism.


What is Shock Therapy?
          The model of transition in Russia, Central Asia and East Europe that was influenced by the World Bank and the IMF came to known as Shock Therapy. It was a sudden transition from Communism to Capitalism.

The main objective was to completely change the economic growth and development of these countries with the help of World Bank and IMF. They wanted to absorb the countries into the Western Economic System

How did the IMF And World Bank did implemented the Shock Therapy?

a)      Each of the countries was asked to make a total shift from Socialism to Capitalism
b)      Private ownership was dominant pattern of ownership
c)       Collective forms were to be replaced by private farming
d)      Development was envisaged through free trade
e)      There was an openness to foreign investment
f)       Each state from the Bloc was now linked directly.

1)      The economic system was totally ruined 90% of Russian industries were put up for sale to private individuals and companies. The industries were sold out at a very low price and it was known as largest garbage sale in history
2)      Most of the citizens sold their vouchers in the black market because they needed money.
3)      The value of the Russian currency declined. The rate of inflation was high that people lost all their savings.
4)      People were starving due to the shortage of food and Russia started to import food.
5)      The withdrawal of government subsidies pushed a large section of people into poverty.
6)      A mafia emerged in most of these countries and started controlling many economic activities.
7)      Russia was divided between Rich and Poor regions.
8)      The constitution of all the countries was drafted in hurry it was not drafted systematically.

1)      Indo-Russia relations are marked in a history of trust and common interests.
2)      Russia and India share a vision of a multipolar World Order
3)      More than 80 bilateral agreements have been signed between India and Russia as part of the Indo-Russian strategic Agreement of 2001.
4)      India stands to benefit from its relationship with Russia on an issue like Kashmir, energy supplies, sharing information on international terrorism, access to control Asia and balancing its relations with China.
5)      Russia stands to benefits from this relationship because India is the second largest arms market for Russia. The Indian Military gets most of its hardware from Russia.
6)      Since India is an Oil importing nation, Russia is important to India and has repeatedly come to the assistance of India during its Oil crises.
7)      Russia is important for India’s Nuclear Energy plans and assisted India space industry by giving  for e.g. the Cryogenic Rocket when India needed it Russia and India have collaborated on various scientific projects

                            NEXT CHAPTER WITHIN 5 DAYS

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earn from Flipkart Affiliate programme, In the beginning,How to generate Links of any products in Flipkart

earn from Flipkart Affiliate programme, In the beginning,How to generate Links of any products in Flipkart

How I earn from Flipkart Affiliate programme. In the beginning, I have to do a lot of hard work.
I used to use at that time, with nothing in my mind I was new in that field unaware of affiliate marketing how does it work and how to promote the link between sites.

I read many articles regarding Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Programme, after learning few information about it I started sharing products links in blogger website.

In the beginning, I was doing it in wrong way as few products were sold through my link but I was not paid for that. Reason for not paying is I was not able to generate links correctly.

After that, I learn link generation technique and even shorten the link, but it was not able to earn through that as people were coming in websites.

But few months after I started sharing links directly in buyers mobiles phones through social media.

I used to do marketing of Flipkart by visiting them as asking buyers if they are planning to do online shopping then Flipkart is the best options they have, I used to give my number to them.

After few days some people called me up asked me to order online things for them, I used to order it through my links.

How to generate Links of any products in Flipkart

LOGIN to Flipkart and search for any product you want to buy
Copy the URL link as shown in the image  

earn from Flipkart Affiliate programme, In the beginning,How to generate Links of any products in Flipkart

Then You need to LOGIN to Flipkart Affiliate Account  and paste the copied link the Affiliate Link Generator 

earn from Flipkart Affiliate programme, In the beginning,How to generate Links of any products in Flipkart

  Click Go and again copy the Link and share with everyone

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How to screeshots in windows PC & LAPTOPS

How to screeshots in windows PC & LAPTOPS 

Taking screen shots has become very important in today's world

Here are 2 ways how i take a screen shots in PC & LAPTOPS

 Hit Print Screen Button on your keyboard And paste is in Wordpad or Paint. If you paste your screen shots in paint then you can edit by using eraser, which everyone knows.

You can erase the things which you don't want to publish or send it to someone

You can edit at the top and bottom and even in the middle portion 

Take scree shots in PC & LAPTOPS

Second options which is very nice using OPERA MINI, you will find camera icon ( Snapshot) on left side when you open OPERA MINI.
Taking screen shots in Opera Mini is best as it allows you how much you want to take screen shots, you don't need to  edit or erase in Oera Mini

Hit on camera options and drag how much screen shots you required 

Take scree shots in PC & LAPTOPS

How to open a blogger account and blog

How to open a blogger account and blog 

Open Google And search Blogger

How to open a blogger account 2018

  This interface will appear now click on Create Your Blog

How to open a blogger account 2018

Here you need to login with your Gmail account
How to open a blogger account 2018
  After login with your gmail account, this interface will appear, then click continue to blogger
How to open a blogger account 2018
  Now its done you need to create your blog
How to open a blogger account 2018
  Select the title of your blog and enter the address like eg.. (
How to open a blogger account 2018

This is how you can open your blogger account in 2018. After creating your blogger account you can connect it to your domain name. 

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Asaram guilty of rape case,lawyer said - get minimum punishment

Asaram guilty of a rape case, lawyer said - get minimum punishment

Apart from Asaram, the court convicted Shilpi and Sharad Chandra. 

While acquiring Shiva and Prakash. Judus Madhusudan Sharma, the special court judge who was made inside the Jodhpur Central Prison, pronounced its verdict. SC / ST Special Court built in Jodhpur Central Jail convicted Asaram for raping a minor.
 In addition to Asaram, the court convicted Shilpi and Sharad Chandra, while acquitting 
Shiva and Prakash. Judus Madhusudan Sharma, the special court judge who was made inside the Jodhpur Central Prison pronounced its verdict. Asaram has been in jail for more than four years inJodhpur Central Jail Asaram's counsel during the debate on the punishment demanded that the judge is punished with minimal punishments.

Asaram was convicted under section 376 of the Indian Penal Code and under the Sexual Offenses Child Protection Act (POSCO). He is facing trial in two cases of sexual harassment.One case is going on in Rajasthan, while the other is operating in Gujarat.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Finland will end the UBI(universal Basic Income) that pays people a monthly fee then the unemployment benefits

Finland will end the UBI (universal Basic Income) that pays people a monthly fee then the  unemployment benefits

Finland will end (Kela Finland Insurance Institute) the UBI(universal Basic Income) that pays people a monthly fee then the 
unemployment benefits

The Finland insurance institute known as Kela starts 2 year trail of UBI
(Universal Basic Income) in January last year,
 In this UBI (Univrsal Basic Income) scheme  government pays citizens a montly fees 
of 560 euro

All over the finaland around 2000 unemployed people of ages between 25 to 58 were
selected randomly  for the trail.

Facebook CEO, Tesla and spaceX Elon Musk supported UBI  scheme but the finaland
government ends this trail.

UBI ( Universal Basic Income) supporter said it will help in reducing poverty,
people will not have to worry about their daily basic necessities.

But the finalnd government has rejected the request of Kela for extra  funding the
trail and end the trail. 

Government can came up with new idea and make changes 

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up school results

up school results

The results of class 10 and 12 examination results will be released on April 29 on Sunday at12.30 pm. The results of both class 10 and 12 will be released on the official website

कक्षा 10 और 12 परीक्षा परिणाम के परिणाम रविवार को अप्रैल 2 9 को जारी किए जाएंगे 12.30 बजे कक्षा 10 और 12 दोनों के परिणाम आधिकारिक वेबसाइट में जारी किए जाएंगे और

Punjab 12 results

Punjab 12 results

Punjab 12 results

Punjab school education board declared the results of class 12 

Students can now check their results from the official website and download their mark sheet. check in this link

Students who have appeared in class 12 examination can also check their results on this link

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Mo Farah wiki, life

Mo Farah wiki, life

Mo Farah wiki, life
Sir Mohamed Muktar Jama "Mo" Farah was born on 23 March 1983. He is the most successful
distance runner of United Kingdom. In any event, he only runs in 5km, 10km.

He is the 2012 and 2016 Olympic gold medallist in 5km and 10km race.

He is the second athlete in modern Olympics to won both 5km and 10km race
Mo Farah was born in Gabiley, Somaliland But was living in Mogadishu, Somalia his father have business in Mogadishu.
Farah spends his early life in the refugee camp.
He moved to Britain at the age of 8 years
He grew up in London, England, Hounslow

Farah studied in Isleworth And Syon school
And later Feltham college

Farah ambition was to become a car mechanic and also to play football as for a right winger for Arsenal football club
He later joins Hounslow Athletics Club in west London
Farah married his long-term girlfriend Tania Nell in 2010 after they met while studying in West London. 

London marathon Mo Farah

London marathon Mo Farah

London marathon Mo Farah

Mo Farah lost his bottle at the London marathon. officials to get hin new drinks.
he looks very annoyed when they did not help him.
 Because of this he is losing his momentum and can lose in this race.
But the fact is that he should be trained to run in this kind of situation also.

London marathon Mo Farah

London marathon

London marathon 

London marathon 

32 roads will be closed across London during the marathon. Marathon will starts at Greenwich Park and it will cover all London and will finish on the Mall.

Roads will be from morning 6am in few places and will be in normal between 12pm
But in few places roads will be closed till 7pm in the evening.

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premier league standings

premier league standings

premier league standings

                                      Game played                Points    
Manchester City                    33                             87
Manchester United                34                             74
Liverpool                                35                             71
Tottenham Hotspur                34                             68
Chelsea                                 34                             63
Arsenal                                  33                             54
Burnley                                  34                             52
Leicester City                        34                             44
Everton                                  34                             42
Newcastle United                  33                              41

premier league standings


Shahid-Mira is going to become a Papa mummy for the second time Instagram post

Shahid-Mira is going to become a Papa mummy for the second time: Instagram post

Shahid-Mira is going to become a Papa mummy for the second time Instagram post

Shahid-Mira is going to become a Papa mummy for the second time Instagram post
Shahid-Mira is going to become a Papa mummy for the second time Instagram post

The house of Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput, the beautiful pair of Bollywood, is going to come again once again. Yes, Shahid is going to become a Papa for the
second time. This information was given by Shahid-Mira through his
 Instagram post. The two have shared a picture of their daughter, Mishra,
in which balloons are made with Meisha and have written - Big Sister
After this picture, it has been confirmed that soon Shahid and Mira are going to become parents.In one of her interviews last year, Mira had pointed
to the fact that she would soon be taking another baby.
When Mira said this when she was asked if she would start her professional
life? In response, he said that I will first plan another child,
 then I will take care of my career.The first daughter of Shahid and Meera was
born on August 26, 2016.Shahid married on July 7, 2015, from Meera.Shahid
 will soon be seen in his new film Bati Gul Meter Ghar. Shahid is in the role of the lawyer in the film. At the same time, Shraddha Kapoor will be seen
in the role of a girl named Lalita Nautiyal. In addition to these two,
 Yami Gautam also has a lead role in the film. The film will be released
 on August 31 this year.Mr. Narayan Singh is directing this movie. Earlier,
 the director had directed Akshay Kumar starrer 'Toilet: A Premkatha'.Yami is
 also taking the help of Hindi literature for her role. Yami had said
 in a statement that "My character is not much on the screen, but in reality 
I have made it more thrilling with my preparations." I am working on my 
dialect and language and what could be a better source of Hindi literature for this. "

Shahid-Mira is going to become a Papa mummy for the second time: Instagram post