Sunday, 13 August 2017

Life of lazy boy

               Life of young boy residing alone

Here i want to share few of my experience which i faced when i was residing alone for few months. Few months i spend alone was one of my worse days but i got to learned many new things in my life.

Like! I have never cooked food but to survive i learned to cook myself. Here i want to tell that without my girlfriend i would have starved, she used to instruct me over phone. She kept all her work side and spend her busy time instructing me over phone so that i could cook tasty food.

It was she who always encouraged me that yes i can cook tasty food. I know its never been easy for her to make me cook food as i am very lazy guy.

Sometimes she gets irritated as i refused to put ingredients instructed by her while cooking. Now i can cook myself...
She is BOON for me. Without her i am nothing.....

Finally i want to thank her for all her support. 

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