Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Check Aadhaar active or failed

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                                                 Check Aadhaar Active or failed

Aadhaar is most important identity of Indian citizen. Government have brought many new rules regarding aadhaar seeding of aadhaar in different fields and sectors for getting benefits from government. 

Most importantly it is used for subsidy.
Place like L.P.G distributor is most common and important sector where aadhaar is needed to avail subsidy.

Aadhaar logo

 Check Aadhaar Active or failed

But many people dont know that aadhaar mapping sometimes being failed afterwards. So in order to check wheaher aadhaar is failed or active follow the below process:-

1.  login in to UIDIA official website
2.  then look for aadhaar services
3.  then click verify aadhaar
4.  then enter your 12 digit aadhaar number followed by security code

It will show the current status of  your aadhaar 
      ( Failed Or Active)

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