Saturday, 24 March 2018


                                                       LOVE RELATIONSHIPS ENDS

People who success their love are great. In today,s world only few relationships are their who have their love into marriage. 

There are many complication in love story, in order to make success they have to be strong in their decision both boy and girl. during the time or complication they have to be much strong that they can elope together.

Eloping is not easy task but to run their lives after eloping is very very important. So in that case both girl and boy should have enough money so that they can run their live smoothly. Even if their is one single one who is earning he or she should have handsome salary.

In today,s world young boys and girls thinks love is enough to run their lives but that is just a misconception. To run the live money very important, without money they will not be able to survive in this world, where food is very expensive. 

For better understanding i want to share my neighbour,s love story

They elope at very young like 21/22 years. After few months they came back saying we are not made for each other and now they are separated from each other. 

That separation happen because none among them are earning's . They can't even live together for few months how come they are going to stay from whole life.

To make love success you have to be success in life, first be someone then only ask someone to be yours

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