Sunday, 8 April 2018

lazy boy

                                                 lazy boy
lazy boy life

Lazy boy means a boy who never wants to do his work by himself. he always aspect others to do his work.

My personal experience says lazy boys are not very helpful as compared to others, but in few cases lazy boys their laziness in their house but their work is very appreciated outside his house.

They always step ahead when they have to help others but when the same work they have do for their house they just show their laziness and asked others to do that particular work.

Few lazy boys when working for the company they never work in the absence of their boss, but the boss arrived they suddenly started to work to show the boss that they work very hard all the time.

One speciality of lazy boys is that they find a simple shortcuts method to complete the work. They use their brain to find the simple way to finish the work.

Even they can work full day sitting on a chair but when it comes to working in the filed they just dined and asked other to do the work.
They can work fully on the computer because it is the easiest way to complete the work.

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