Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Money can buy love or not

         Money can buy love or not

           love success mantra

When your GF leaves you or she broke off with you, the feeling you get is untolerateable. You wont be able to think anything, you always wondering about her all day and night.

You always want to talk to her in this matter but when you fail to do so, again the pressure and the depression hits in your heart and you loose your control.

This kind of feelings comes when you broke off for the first time in your life, means your first love.

First love is always an special love which everyone wants to keep till their last breath. But 90% of the lovers fails to win in their love. Win means (Make Love success). Success means (marry a girl you love) and be with her till the end.

To make your love success you need to be a good human being, along with that you should be very loyal to your girlfriend,

And work and money is very very important things which can make your love a success.

Not every girl is behind money, even girls wants to marry the  boy whom they loves but love cannot provide  food, shelter and clothes, to buy this things you need to have good amount of money.

Money cannot buy love but to survive money is most important thing.

But in todays world making love a success is a very difficult task. Many problems will come in the way but to win without fear is very difficult.

So if you want to make your love Success always chase your dream beacuse if your dream came true your love will never end.

You will always be happy and enjoy with your love once your dream come true

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