Saturday, 14 April 2018

Poila Boishak

Poila Boishak

Bengalis prepare for Poila Boishak, the Bengali New Year which is on April 15.West Bengal has begun reverberating with a buzz of excitement

One of the images of the Bengali New Year, the kheror khata has been a piece of the celebratory ceremonies for brokers for in any event as far back as the eighteenth century. In spite of the fact that nobody can really stick moment that the act of utilizing this one of a kind material for record books began for Bengalis. Little workshops in Baithakkhana bazaar, one of India's biggest paper showcase, have been delivering this thing for quite a long time. For a long time, there has been just a single such organization and they too might end generation this year, as the move to all the more effortlessly accessible and less expensive consistent and machine-sewed duplicates – however still bound by a red fabric – will be finished.

Khero, a red-colored, rough cotton material used as a cover for these ledger books has been in Bengal’s history for many generations and centuries.

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