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Depression and Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Depression and Anxiety Disorder Symptoms 

Depression leads to suicidal thinking

Whereas in Anxiety 

  1. People don't tend to suicide, there always a feeling of fear that something is going wrong.
  2. Sudden shoots in Blood Pressure and increases heartbeat.
  3. Anxiety last for one week to one month
  4. Anxiety can be caused due to lack of Vit B12
  5. It is a very common problem in today's society

When people suffer from Anxiety they always worried about something, Many questions come in their mind like why that person looks at me, Why he looking at me in a very doubtful way, did I said something wrong about him.

Whereas in depression always comes the feeling of negligence, people start feeling nobody loves me anymore 

Let me give you one good example so that you can understand easily
     Suppose you got admission in new college and you always wondering about, how new college will be,
are the students are good, how they will treat you, will they will be your friends, How teachers would be
All these things turn into Anxiety and you will not be able to eat food and your sleep will be lost.

These are the few common symptoms of Anxiety

  1. A feeling of overwhelming fear                                                        
  2. The feeling of going crazy or losing control
  3. Feeling you are in grave danger
  4. Feeling you might pass out
  5. A surge of doom and gloom
  6. An urgency to escape
  7. Dizziness
  8. Heart Palpitations
  9. Trembling
  10. Sweating
  11. Shortness of breath
  12. Chest pressure or pain

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